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From Course Maintenance to People Maintenance

James Camfield has partnered with Peter Boswell to offer a truly rounded approach to your Golf services. We understand that happy golfers articulate around all your teams being at peak performance, motivated and empowered to serve your guests. In todays world the genuine hospitality by your teams is as important as the best facilities around. 

Peter has worked in the people industry for more than 20 years. He specialises in delivering highly engaging sessions to service professionals. We've partnered up to give you the opportunity to have the best of both worlds, a great golf course with fantastic hospitality.

Some of the sessions Peter can offer include:


Customer Service Keynote Speaker - A great mid-conference way to inspire your teams


  • Creating Sound Interpersonal Relationships - A must for teams to bond

  • Amazing Customer Service - Let's make it happen

  • Table Service - Doing it really well

  • Bar Service - Going the extra mile

  • Up-Selling - Don't miss an opportunity 

  • Responsible Alcohol Retailing

  • Complaint Handling - Because they happen 

  • Bespoke Service - Specially designed training to meet your needs

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