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Catering Management Development

Golf Course Management Services provides a service that develops and enhances your golf clubs catering management

It's not just the quality of your golf course that encourages your customers to flock back to your facility.  Providing the highest quality dinning experience is quite literally the 'icing on the cake' and is the area that changes a good days golfing experience into a great one.

As with any department, if things are right behind the scenes, you have the best change to make things great front of house.

Starting with effective and efficient organisation, the essential processes of getting food hygiene to where it has to be, to helping you to develop your menu to a point where it oozes quality. We are there to help.

Knowing how to source the best best quality produce and procure it for the best value and then minimise waste.

We have the resources of people who have been in the industry for decades working in venues that vary themselves from that steady stream of meals daily, to events with 100's of delegates when the catering process simply has to be efficient and absolutely to the highest standard to provide that quality experience that everyone talks about

Contact us to discuss your needs.

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